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    Lava Ka Dhaava (Netflix Show) – Full & Best Info on Cast, Release date, more @No1wiki

    Lava Ka Dhaava is a silly but an exciting and funny reality show which you love to watch strategy, strength, and teamwork in which each team overcome obstacle and work very hard to win $10,000.

    The first season of this show will premiere on Netflix on 5th May 2021.

    If you ever watch a japanese game – Takeshi’s Castle and love sound of Javed Jaaferi, then you also love this game show.

    Jaaferi brings his unique style of commentry which increase the humor and the budded version of the show to cater to the taste of Indian audiences, adding to the tonal, emotional, and technical richness of the original.


    Lava Ka Dhaava

    Lava Ka Dhaava

    In this game show teams are required to jump from couches, hand from towers, and curtains, swing from chandeliers, until their foot touch lava.

    Little joy and hardwork of teams and commentry which rise your excitment is attach with this webpage, which you can see from the trailer video which given below.

    This is a hindi dubbed version of its competition game show, ‘Floor Is Lava’.

    In this show competitors are in team and they try to solve all those obstacles and try to win this game, and Javed Jaaferi comment on this show in his style similar to Takeshi’s Castle.


    This show will release on 5th May 2021, but you can watch trailer of this show which given below.

    The trailer shows that how all the teams are very excited and working very hard to win this competiton, and the style of commenting by Jaaferi make this game more interesting.

    Cast of Lava Ka Dhaava

    Jaaved Jaaferi

    Jaaved Jaaferi

    Actor Jaaved Jaafferi brings his signature humour to this hindi dubbing of the show where teams creatively navigate rooms.

    Rutledge Wood

    Rutledge Wood

    He is the desinger or analyst of this show.

    Tweets of Lava Ka Dhaava