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Alia Bhatt photos

Alia Bhatt photos

Alia Bhatt. 

Alia Bhatt is an Indian actress and singer with British citizenship. She works in Hindi language films i.e. Bollywood.

According to 2019, Alia Bhatt is the highest-paid actress in India.

In the list of awards, she wins four Filmfare Awards.

Do You Know?

Alia Bhatt appeared on the list of Top 100 Celebrities in Forbes India in 2014. She also appeared on the list of Top 30 in Forbes Asia.

Alia Bhatt is most famous as an actress, very few know that she a singer.

Alia Bhatt as a Singer.

She did not sing as a profession in any film, but she sings a song on Mirchi Music Award.

She sings a song called – “Main Tenu Samjhawan.”
You get that song on YouTube (if you want to hear).

She also sang a playback song in the film Highway.


Alia Bhatt